Short Films

Captain DIKU (2005)

As part of the yearly DIKU revue, a short film is made which is show at the beginning of the show. The films are, therefore, named intros. I have been part of the intro group from 2004 to 2009 doing everything from compositing to directing. In 2005 I directed my first intro, about a super computer scientist, who helps people by saving their code from evil bugs. Captain DIKU faces his biggest challenge yet, when the evil physicists Dr. Physics, threatens to turn every human on earth into a physicists. Captain DIKU must defeat his nemesis, with the help of his assistant Bitboy.
The short film was created over 3 months period. Most of the film was animated with real Lego bricks. Post production consisted of animating and applying mouths to the characters, and creating a few shots entirely with computer graphics. This included a shot, which required us to create the entire campus area in virtual lego bricks.

KaptajnDiku klods2

It Came From Vector Space (2007)

The second intro I directed, was created as a celebration to all the games I grew up with, where all the characters, are played by characters that come from various computer games. The main characters are the space marine from Doom, Duke Nukem and that guy from the first Quake game. In this short film, they have put their alien fighting past behind them and have started studying computer sciences. When the earth is once again invaded by aliens, the president desperately need his heros back in action. The only problem is that the have a report to finish and don’t have time for saving the world.


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