Student Projects

Simulating a Physical Camera in Computer Graphics

camera_previewThis was my master thesis, where I study how a real digital camera works and discusses different camera models to approximate a real camera. If we want to insert a computer generated monster into a real image, then to get a convincing result the camera model used to render the monster have to be as close to the real camera as possible.

Bidirectional Path Tracer

bidir_previewIn a classic path tracer we only create light paths starting from the camera, this makes it difficult to capturer effects such as caustics. With a bidirectional path tracer we can create paths starting from both the camera and light source and then combine the two subpaths to create a single path. This method is very effective for creating caustics.


previewEvery time you manipulate a light source, using traditional shading methods, it can take hours to see the result. Especially in large scenes that contains tens of millions of polygons. In this project I try to solve this problem by using a relighting technique called deferred shading.


terrain_previewIn this project we have created a small terrain, with a flat water surface. The water surface contains a small disturbance to simulate small waves on the water surface. Reflection and refraction is used to create a more realistic looking water surface. Furthermore, we simulate the absorption of light resulting in the light changing color when it’s transmitted through the water.

Subsurface Scattering

sss_previewSubsurface scattering is the effect of light hitting a surface and instead of being reflected, it penetrates the material, is scattered inside of the material, and then exits in a different point on the surface. In this project we implement a method that, by using a precalculation step can renderer materials with subsurface scattering in real time.

Cinematic lighting

cinematic_previewLighting is used to light a scene. To create a cinematic look, it should be possible to control thing such as the intensity, color and direction of the light source. In this project we implement a lighting model that can simulate different types of light sources, for objects with a plastic surface, that can fit inside a single Cg shader.

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